Common Sense Systems

Project Management

Our unique project management system streamlines project flow.

We provide our clients with two types of project management services:

Expert technical resources

To manage medical device software development and regulatory compliance projects and

Process improvement

Consulting and training to help you improve your internal processes, both for your immediate needs as well as future projects.  We practice and teach Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM), a system that is proven to complete projects 10% to 50% faster than traditional methods such as CPM, CPM, PERT and Gantt.

Aid for today and investment for tomorrow

Many clients hire us for our software development expertise and our ability to swiftly and accurately fulfill the documentation demands of medical device regulations like IEC 60601-1 (third edition), ISO 14971 and IEC 62304.  But once they’ve seen us accomplish these tasks much faster than they could themselves, they retain us for our process improvement services. This enables them to adopt our accelerative practices into their own staffs and processes.  As a result, our services become an investment that pays dividends on into the future!

Our project management services:

  • Ensure your staff is able to spend undistracted time on its most important responsibilities,
  • Eliminate disruptive multitasking within and between departments (e.g. systems engineering, compliance engineering, regulatory affairs),
  • Provide concise status and project post-analysis reporting that is comprehensible to everyone, from management to line employees,
  • Eliminate rework (ex: expensive new board spins),
  • Prepare you better for in-coming projects,
  • Give you peace-of-mind that your projects are on schedule and under control,

If you need help with an existing project or want to be better prepared for your next one, please contact us today to discuss how we can help you.