John Sambrook, Founder
John Sambrook, Founder

I founded Common Sense in 1996 with the goal of providing software engineering services. I am pleased with how things have unfolded in the business over the last 26 years.

I am passionate about finding and implementing effective solutions to challenging software engineering problems.

Most of our software engineering services work has been with high-tech companies here in the Pacific Northwest. I can also accept and work productively with clients anywhere on a remote basis.

Over the years I have assembled a network of colleagues in the industry. I can and do subcontract work to them from time to time. Any such subcontracting is always with the full knowledge and agreement of the client.

I also coach individuals and small software teams. In such a role my intent is to help others improve their practice of software engineering. I have both the technical depth and the soft-skills required to do this well.

The best and fastest way to learn whether I can help you is to contact me for a brief discussion.