As my client, I want to help you grow your sales. I want to see you succeed. Great customer service is key to making that happen.

I have worked in high tech companies for almost 40 years. In those companies customer service / customer support was typically viewed as a necessary evil – something we do not by choice, but because we have to do it, lest our customers return their purchases of our expensive, high-margin goods and services.

That being said, I cannot remember a single time when anyone in companies where I worked suggested that customer service might be an asset rather than a liability, or when someone posed the question “How can we increase customer support calls?”

I am not suggesting doing anything to make our goods and services harder to use; manipulation is not the answer and it never will be.

What I am suggesting is that when a customer wants help, it’s in our best interest to listen and give them the very best help we can as quickly as we can without compromising our service to them. I’m talking “Highly competent help, when and where they need it.” Not a run-around, not a phone tree, and not voice message where they can be assured that while their call is important, “All of our agents are currently helping other customers.”

Your customers have already demonstrated a willingness to consider and buy your product. Probably, they have already paid for it or soon will. You have the opportunity to help them to either brag about your company to others in your industry. Provide them with outstanding customer service and they will sing your praises to others.

Nordstrom – Synonymous with Customer Service
Nordstrom – Synonymous with Customer Service

I often shop at Nordstrom. Especially when I’m buying a new suit, new shoes, dress shirts or other clothing. And it’s not because I like spending money. You and I both know Nordstrom charges an arm and leg for their merchandise. And yet I and millions of others keep coming back. In my case, for several decades now.

Why? Because Nordstrom consistently demonstrates that they care a lot about my business.

Nordstrom knows customer service.

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In the following video I share some thoughts about the customer service function inside a typical, high-tech firm that sells a high-margin, complex product to technically sophisticated customers. It may give you some thoughts about how you provide customer service in your organization.

I want you and your business to be successful and highly profitable. Do me a solid and let me know if I’m succeeding or failing in that mission!