Probing with the PC-Bite Probing Solution

By John Sambrook

By John Sambrook

Over the last month or so I started using the PC-Bite kit for probing electrical PCBs on my lab bench at my office. Here’s a photo of the device with only a single probe in use.

The probes are highly flexible and heavy enough that they stay in place once you get them positioned where you want them. The probes themselves have small springs that keep pressure on the needle-point for good contact with the PCB trace or device pin you’re probing. The probes use flying leads for easy connection to your scope or logic analyzer.

Search for “PC-Bite” on Amazon to review.

PC-Bite probing a PCB on my lab bench

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. How do you ensure that upcoming tasks don’t get lost in the shuffle in your work environment? Is there a better strategy you’ve found effective? Feel free to share your experiences!

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